Decor Elements

Since moving to Chicago, I had not put up any Decor Elements on the walls yet as we weren't quite settled, and I didn't really know what I wanted to do (decor-wise) with the apartment. However, upon getting the opportunity late last fall to receive a Level 2 Hostess gift, I choose the "Dasher" decor element (still available in the Fall-Winter 2009 Definitely Decorative Brochure).

Unfortunately, Dasher sat in his little cardboard tube for weeks as I debated where to put him. I finally decided on the entry way above our little table that is our "pile-it" (you know, the spot where you pile all your mail and other random stuff--coupons, receipts, papers from your purse that you toss there on your way out the door...). I put him a little high, so our keys kind of covered up his antlers a little, but overall, I think it was a good place for him :) Since he was so cute, I tried a little harder to not pile so much stuff there!

But now that Christmas is over, I had to take Dasher down :( I chose the "Serve the Lord" Decor Element to replace Dasher in our entry way. I LOVE it! I think it's the perfect size and the perfect location! I do miss Dasher quite a bit, though, so I just may have to place another huge order to get another Level 2 Hostess gift so I can get another Dasher for next year!

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Cori said...

You know, I would have never picked Dasher, but I love the way he looks above your pilot! I really, though, like the verse! I still need to get my freebie put up!