Pop Can Tutorial

I've been duly corrected with my terminology. I did not use just any old pop can for my samples. Instead, I used exclusively Diet Dr. Pepper cans as they of course are the best type of can :-)

Additionally, I've had a few requests for a tutorial on how to use a Diet Dr. Pepper can in the Big Shot. Unfortunately, I let my mom borrow my Big Shot and all my dies, so all I have is the Diet Dr. Pepper can part :-) I'll finish the tutorial without pictures for now.

**Be sure to watch for the cut edges of the can. You are cutting metal, and the edges can become VERY sharp**

Step 1: Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut through the rim of the can at the mouth of the can. I used my rubber scissors as I no longer need them to cut stamps (yay for die-cut stamps!)

Step 2: Cut the top of the can off. Be sure to cut right on the edge of the "lip" of the can. If you cut too far into the flat part of the can, your can won't be wide enough to fit on the die. If you don't cut far enough, your can won't lay flat. You may have to play around with the cutting of the can until you find a place that works best for you (because all cans are not created equal--they are all inferior to the Diet Dr. Pepper can).

Step 3: Cut a straight line to the bottom lip of the can.

Step 4: Cut the bottom of the can off in the same way that you cut off the top of the can.

Step 5: You now have a nearly flat surface. Since your can has been in a cylinder for most of its life, it will want to curl.

I just take the can and roll it up in the opposite direction to help flatten it out. Once you run it through the Big Shot, it will be plenty flat, but it helps to flatten it to begin with (especially if you're trying to adhere it to something before you cut it).

From here, you are ready to send the can through the Big Shot. When I made the albums I showed a few days ago, I adhered the pop can to a piece of card board before I sent it through the Big Shot. Click here to see the full post.

Be sure to always put the good side down on the die when you use the Big Shot. This way your image will always look correct!

Happy Stamping!

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